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    The Team Behind Provius

  • Ben has a strong cross-discipline skill set to help develop products and business, he has managed apps and teams which are number one in the charts and turned 1* apps into 4*+ apps.



    Product Development, Business Development, Apps, Digital Media, Content Architecture.


    LinkedIn, Twitter, Behance

    Rob has an MA in Graphic Design and obsession in Digital Design, User Experience & Illustration. He's designed chart topping apps, and wrote articles on design that have featured around the world.


    Design, UX, Interface Design, Apps, Websites, Print, Iconography, Statistics, Illustration.


    LinkedIn, Behance, Website


    The Team We Hang Out With


    Bertug is a full-stack developer who loves working on cutting edge software and open source projects involving php, Laraval, mySQL, javascript.


    Development, operations, system integration, php, javascript, database, full-stack, back-end

    Content Editor

    Paul is a senior manager with experience of developing content strategies across some of the world's biggest sports websites.

    Content strategy, revenue generation, business planning, copywriting, user engagement


    Fred is an experienced senior manager who has worked in a large breadth of industries reaching huge audiences and converting them to active users.



    Search engine optimisation, business development, digital media, online discoverability.

    App Dev

    Andy is an app developer who enjoys his work so much it is a hobby as well. He has experience in developing top rated apps used worldwide by millions of users.



    app development, android, ios, hybrid apps.

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