PRO-fitable, VI-able, US-able


    Profitable: yielding profit or financial gain

    Too many projects are started through vanity or without well thought out strategy and after the project ends (complete or not) it is easy to question whether it was worth doing.


    From the outset we ensure profitability is key and that you start to see return on investment (money and resource) as soon as is possible.


    Viable: having a reasonable chance of success

    Often this is technical viability: "can your proposal be created in a reasonable way with the resources available?"


    When we discuss your ideas, or

    propose an idea or project we will always outline how viable it is.


    Usable: the quality of good experience

    If a business case stacks up (profitable) and it is technically possible to create (viable) it is just as important that the output is usable. If people cannot or will not use the product then it will not be a success.

    We have experience of building products and services for millions of users and for organisations both large and small.


    Helping you take the right next step


    Provius now offer coaching and mentoring to individuals and small teams.


    Coaching and mentoring is an effective tool for many people to help them achieve their desire goals. Common goals for coaching and mentoring include:

    • Career development
    • Performance at work
    • Management (delegation, support, personnel development)
    • Conflict resolution
    • Confidence

    For companies offering coaching is a clear signal that you value your employees, now and in the future, and are ready to support them through their career and help them to transition to being your top leaders of tomorrow.


    Helping youR BUSINESS take the right next step

    Get in touch - it won't cost you anything.

    When products, projects and businesses are profitable, viable and usable they are successful. We regularly discuss and consult on projects, because that is what we like doing.


    As well as a small business, we are a group of friends who pool our collective experience and expertise across many industries for companies such as Sky, Royal Bank of Scotland, Red Bull, Jet2, Orange, Bet365, Michael Page and we offer you the opportunity to discuss your projects and businesses with us for FREE.


    We will try to understand your goals, objectives, your business's reason for being, and most importantly your problems and use the wisdom of our crowd to make proposals which will help your business to go to the next step.


    Helping youR BUSINESS FIND the right NEW PEOPLE

    Get in touch - it won't cost you anything.

    When planning a new project it is critical to have the right team in place. Provius offer coaching, job description writing, interview planning, and advice on how to interview to the digital community.


    It is very important that during the short period of recruitment employees are identified to match the company vision and goal objectives. Similarly, we use our experience and knowledge of the industry, the roles and the companies to ensure that the company is the right fit for the potential employee.


    On behalf of Provius Jon Fenech also takes an active role building and supporting robust talent acquisition strategies on behalf of our current and future clients.



    Simple visual design, applied to plain text release notes.

    I was really excited to return to the Ignite Startup Accelerator Manchester, for ​a second year, to mentor with the teams in the 2017 cohort.

    What I learnt from returning to University and running short lectures for design students

    Digimarc technology has taken 5 years to take off, but I think it could be the next big thing for 2015 and 2016 video content providers.

    An endorsement for Ben Horowitz’s book, The Hard Thing About The Hard Things.

    My growing love for London, but a hatred for The Tube.


    The team behind Provius


    Ben has a strong cross-discipline skill set to help develop businesses and products, and often called an "ideas guy" sees the innovative and commercial opportunities available.



    Betting, product development, business development, apps, digital media, online advertising networks, content architecture.


    LinkedIn, Twitter, Behance


    Rob has an MBa and obsession in Digital Design, Illustration & User Experience. He is extremely talented and his designs have been featured in products around the world.


    Design, UX, interface design, apps, websites, print, iconography, statistics, illustration.


    LinkedIn, Behance, Website


    Jon has a background in marketing/digital/sales/retail and property with strong networks across the U.K.


    Jon relies on strong personal networks and industry referral’s so is always happy to talk to and meet new people... normally over a strong coffee, which is certainly the Provius way.


    Jon is an experienced, hands on Recruitment, Resourcing and Talent management professional with excellent change, project, and supplier management skills. He has built up a first class reputation, within the fields he works, for finding the correct person for the correct client for the correct role.








    Content Editor

    Paul is a senior manager with experience of developing content strategies across some of the worlds biggest sports websites.

    Content strategy, revenue generation, business planning, copywriting, user engagement


    Fred is an experienced senior manager who has worked in a large breadth of industries reaching huge audiences and converting them to active users.



    Travel, betting, property, gaming, search engine optimisation, business development, digital media, online discoverability.


    Remo is a full-stack developer who loves working on cutting edge software and open source projects involving javascript, node.js, and react.js.


    Development, operations, system integration, javascript, database, front-end, back-end, node.js, react.js

    App Dev

    Andy is an app developer who enjoys his work so much it is a hobby as well. He has experience in developing top rated apps used worldwide by millions of users.



    app development, android, ios, hybrid apps.



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