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Health & Wellbeing for Calderdale Council

Openminds Calderdale

Calderdale Council in receipt of a government grant were looking to improve the services they offered for health and wellbeing to young adults aged 13-25. As part of this a new website was needed, as well as producing print documents to go into schools.

Colour Palette

The emphasis was on clean and clear layout and design, with an accessible and bright and bold colour palette.

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We created a bespoke colour palette to be used across all mediums which would also be accessible for those with varying colour-blindness.


To continue the clean and clear design two fonts were chosen: Raleway and Open Sans. For consistency across mediums all titles in Raleway are large and bold and all text is open sans.

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The client wanted a consistent style of imagery which could be reused across mediums and would be inclusive and representative of all the people in Calderdale.

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We were provided with a lot of content which was full of excellent information however sometimes there was too much information and the strength of it was lost.

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We did some copy editing and content architecture to separate the content into categories or themes and then promote the various content types within those groupings.

If you like what we did for Calderdale Council and think it might work for your project, then please get in touch.